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In Depth Analysis of Your Website Visitors

HitChecker software is the easiest-to-use website visitor analysis to support your online sales and marketing. Turn HitChecker loose to watch every move your visitors make while you focus on your business.


Is HitChecker Right for You?

With no technical skills required, all levels of your company can take advantage of HitChecker for business intelligence to make important decisions. From management to marketing to sales, HitChecker captures the important website visitor information you need to best understand your online sales and marketing.



Why it’s better: because it’s designed for you, not for everyone

HitChecker was created in 2010 when our founder was running an Internet marketing agency and became frustrated that his clients could not understand Google Analytics because it was so complicated with all the lines, charts, and graphs. Our team built HitChecker from the ground up to be simple to use and push the visitor activity to your email inbox so you don't have to login to see the most important you can take action quickly.



Vital information you need

With no technical skills required, all levels of your company can take advantage of HitChecker for business intelligence to make important decisions. From management to marketing to sales, HitChecker gives you a quick-check of the information you need during your busy day.



Simple, 5 minute setup

HitChecker is so easy to install, it automatically works with your favorite software. All you have to do is copy/paste a 1 line script to your website, and you'll immediately start seeing results. Yes, it's that easy.

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Unique Visitors logged by HitChecker


Search Engine keyword phrases tracked

Google Analytics is free, so why pay for HitChecker?

We get asked all the time... "How does HitChecker compare to Google Analytics?"

It's no secret that Google Analytics is the most popular Web Analytics service. It's very powerful and contains features that data analysts love.

But what if you're not a Data Analyst and you don't want to call IT for a report on how your online sales and marketing are doing?

HitChecker was designed for you because it's simple and easy to use.

97% of the time, people tell us that even though they have Google Analytics on their website, they never use it saying "'s too complicated and hard to use".

We're not against using Google Analytics, it certainly has its place for data analysts. With HitChecker you can get insights to your sales and marketing quickly and easily.

Below are some comparisions of how we're different.


comparison chart of Google Analytics vs HitChecker

Too Complicated

If you don't have time for Google's complicated charts and graphs that take too long to figure out, let HitChecker give you the same information in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

Protect your Privacy

We'll never use the data about your website to sell Google Adwords to one of your competitors so they can gain an advantage over your business.


HitChecker doesn't require any training, you get real-time results, your data is 100% private and will never be sold to your competitors. HitChecker is so easy to use, you'll never have to spend hours figuring out complicated free tools again.

6 Reasons Why You'll Love HitChecker


Save Time

We get it, you’re busy. HitChecker is simple to use and displays the information you need to make important decisions you are responsible for.


Fast assessments

HitChecker gives you a real-time assessment of your website activity (that you can’t afford to miss), including what’s happening with your online and social media advertising.


Needles, not a Haystack

HitChecker will free you from searching through a haystack of reports and information looking for the needles that matter to you. Now you can get time back that you need elsewhere.


Marketing Accountability

HitChecker will help you prove whether your marketing and advertising dollars are really working. We can prove whether Facebook or Google Adwords really did send a legitimate visitor to your website.


Your own interpreter

With HitChecker you won’t need to call your IT department to interpret what your website analytics mean. The simple dashboard does all the interpretation for you in a glance.


Great service is rare

Our customer service is fast and friendly. Need help with HitChecker? Call us, and we'll walk you through it. Read what others say.