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Protect the Revenue Your Website Generates

HitChecker works 24x7 in the background of your website watching for suspicious activity that could cause a disruption to the revenue your website is responsible for.


Is HitChecker Right for You?

You know how vital your website is to your business, but what you need to be prepared for is the possibility of a hacker taking malicious action against your website. Think of the loss of revenue and the harm to your reputation in the eyes of your existing and potential customers. Let HitChecker work 24x7 for you to keep an eye on your business in the background. Be warned if there is activity that looks suspicious. Being warned early of a malicious attack could save your business and give you a chance to respond quickly to aleviate the attack.



Be Alerted to Malicious Activty

Behind the scenes, HitChecker is monitoring your website 24x7 for malicious activity. You'll be alerted immediately to unusual patterns related to the visitors accessing your website. HitChecker also monitors the number of pages visitors are clicking on to look for any sharp increases that could indicate an on-going hacker attack. You're busy running your business, let HitChecker watch out for the hacker for you.



Top 5 Hacker Countries

Every day HitChecker alerts customers to possible hacker attempts on their websites. These are the top countries we detect each month. Make sure you are protecting your business revenue that is generated from your website by letting HitChecker monitor the hackers for you.

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Average amount demanded after a ransomware attack


Companies who've experienced a website attack