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Resources for easy web analytics including videos, PDFs, tutorials, and guides

Video for the best web analytics guide

What Is HitChecker (1:37 video)

Learn the major features of HitChecker and why monitoring your Web activity, click-by-click, in real-time will help you get the most value from your websites, your online ads, and your SEO.


what can easy web analytics do for my business

What Can HitChecker Do For Me?

Web activity Speaks. Are you listening? Learn how you can gain a competitive advantage in your business.


PDF summary of the best web analytics guide

1 Page Summary

A simple 1 page summary of HitChecker in PDF format.


simple web analytics activity process for your business

How Web Activity Works

An easy to understand diagram of how Web activity gets interpreted for you by HitChecker.


best web analytics customer tips

68 Customer Tips

The No. 1 question we get from new customers is: "How can I use these insights to help my business?". Here are 68 things you can do with what HitChecker reveals.


free pdf guide for easy web analytics

What does Free Really Cost Me?

What does it really cost to use a free Web activity service, even if it is just for the trial period?


easy web analytics resource

About Us

A summary of what HitChecker is and 5 reasons why you need it.


People     HitChecker

  • "Our webmaster told us that it took him less than 5 minutes to get all of our websites set up with HitChecker and that it was one of the easiest products he has ever worked with. Your video tutorials really made the process simple."

    hitchecker client testomonial - South Carolina Memories - Murrells Inlet, SC
    Anne Sander
    South Carolina Memories
  • "An online presence is almost a necessity today, and HitChecker is an invaluable resource to measure the effectiveness of your website investment. If you just want a quick view of how many people are visiting your site or prefer an in-depth analysis, HitChecker allows you to see your data in an easy to read format. The "How" tool shows the exact search terms people are using to arrive at your site. You can then update your website based on the types of merchandise people are searching for or what questions people are asking that your website could answer. HitChecker also offers value in knowing geographically where to target advertising, social media marketing or mailers. Additionally, HitChecker offers outstanding customer service when you have a question; we would highly recommend HitChecker!"

    hitchecker client testomonial - Pollys Jewelry - Charleston and Mt. Pleasant
    Cheri Broad
  • I believe HitChecker is a must-have tool for marketing your online business. We use HitChecker to manage the online (and offline) marketing of our website to see which keyword phrases visitors are using to find our business; how well our coupons and daily deals are actually working; and to see what pages people are most interested in so we will know what part of our tours people are planning to book a reservation for.

    hitchecker client testomonial - Pollys Jewelry - Charleston Marina
    Captain Brian Collins

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