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HitChecker has helped people manage their business and get their jobs done by making things quick and easy to understand
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customer testimonial - CHART Group - Johns Island, SC

Every Business Needs HitChecker

"I own a media company and without HitChecker I would be guessing. HitChecker has given us the advantage. Our clients benefit from the crucial real-time analytics and data that gives us a snap shot of what's going on with online web traffic and SEO. What a great analytical product. Every business needs HitChecker. Without it we're all guessing. Thanks so much."

Robert Smith, CEO

customer testimonial - Pollys Jewelry - North Charleston, SC

HitChecker is an invaluable resource

"An online presence is almost a necessity today, and HitChecker is an invaluable resource to measure the effectiveness of your website investment. If you just want a quick view of how many people are visiting your site or prefer an in-depth analysis, HitChecker allows you to see your data in an easy to read format. The "How" tool shows the exact search terms people are using to arrive at your site. You can then update your website based on the types of merchandise people are searching for or what questions people are asking that your website could answer. HitChecker also offers value in knowing geographically where to target advertising, social media marketing or mailers. Additionally, HitChecker offers outstanding customer service when you have a question; we would highly recommend HitChecker!"

Robert Smith, CEO

customer testimonial - Appalachian Realty - Blue Ridge, GA

Best service out there

"I am so impressed with Hitchecker! I am not html savy like most webmasters and the information generated by it has been invaluable. I have used google analytics but it is NOT user friendly and Hitchecker puts all the important information at your fingertips instantly. This is the best service out there for keeping track of your customers, what they are looking for and where they are coming from, as well as, many other important facts that will help you improve your search engine rankings."

Susan, Appalachian Realty

customer testimonial - Charlotte Creative Group - Charlotte, NC

Our clients depend on it

"Once they start using HitChecker, our clients tell us quickly that this is the one service they can’t live without. We believe them because we use it too! The power is how simple it is to use and being able to watch the daily, weekly, and monthly trending patterns for the most important links you are interested in. Seeing when peak traffic is hitting enables our clients to put proper staffing levels in place for the best customer service. Forget using complicated Web reporting tools that sell your private information to whoever they want to, this is the future!"

Angel, Client Manager

customer testimonial - Surfside Realty -  Surfside Beach, SC

Gives us a competitive edge

"Monitoring the demand for our rental properties is critical to our success and providing our customers with available properties when they need them. HitChecker helps us watch the number of rental application downloads so we are instantly aware of what demand looks like on a daily basis giving us a competitive edge. We've tried different services in the past but they all seem to get more and more complicated, but HitChecker does the interpretation for us."

Robert Smith, CEO

customer testimonial - Viz Bang Productions -  Agawam, MA

HitChecker is a Strong Website Analytics Tool

"HitChecker is a paid Web analytics platform and I had an opportunity to take the it for a spin. While website analytics is something I don't give enough attention, I believe the developers of HitChecker are on to something significant.

HitChecker offers many of the same analytics as Google Analytics. But it does it in a simpler, more user-friendly dashboard. But it is where HitChecker differs from Google Analytics that makes the modest monthly fee more than acceptable.

Real-time results. HitChecker offers real-time analytics. I found this quite helpful when I wanted to gauge the effectiveness of sending out links to my Website and blog posts through Twitter and Facebook.I could see immediately what activity, if any, I generated using these platforms. This was especially helpful with Twitter, as the shelf life of a Tweet is about 10-15 minutes. With Google, I would have to wait a day or so to see what has occurred.

Private data collection. All data collected by HitChecker is private. This is not the case with Google Analytics. How you maintain your Website and the traffic passing through it is collected by Google for whatever purposes they may have.

Simple dashboard. The “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where” approach is right on target and extremely user-friendly. I didn’t have to spend time interpreting multiple graphs and pie charts. And with its “flagged pages” feature, it made tracking specials and promotions quite easy.

Looks good on a smartphone. I had no problem accessing my dashboard from my mobile and tablet devices. Plus they have a HitChecker iPhone app. Easy.

Great support. The product developers spent years in corporate marketing positions and have a strong search engine optimization background. They realize analytics for analytics sake does not help a business grow. Consequently, they have done a great job providing dozens of resources and lots of information to help HitChecker turn their analytics into actionable information.

Overall, I was impressed with the ease of use and real-time analytics aspects of HitChecker. It also helped me realize I need to spend more time with this data and SEO considerations. I recommend this platform for any business or agency that expects its Website(s) to be more than an electronic brochure for the business. This is a great tool."

Dave Sweeney, Creator at

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