We Protect Websites and Track Every Visitor

Protect your business by securing your website from hackers. We track every visitor and scan your entire website for malware and viruses. If you get hacked, we'll help get your website repaired.

Plans start at $9.95 per month

24x7 Website Security

Like a camera watching every entrance to your business, the HitChecker artificial intelligence platform is an early warning system watching every visitor searching for suspicious activity and alerting you when needed.

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Every Visitor is Tracked

HitChecker tracks every move that visitors make on your website. If your site gets hacked, we use that information to stop them in their tracks. Day-to-day you can use the detailed visitor tracking to support your sales and marketing.

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Professional Services

Protecting your website is complicated and time consuming especially if your site has been hacked. Let our professional services team of experts help you when you need us.

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Every Business Needs Website Security

Protect your website for $9.95 a month

Must Have Service

We use HitChecker to secure every one of our online clients from hackers and fraud. We won't take on a client without HitChecker protection.

Peace of Mind

We rely on HitChecker protection for all our clients to give them the peace of mind that their webstites are being monitored 24x7x365 for hacker attacks.

Rescued Us

We used HitChecker professional services to rescue our website from a ramsomware attack. They helped get our site back online and we never paid the ransom!

Denial of Service Attack

HitChecker was responsible for warning us about a denial of service attack affecting all our customers. It literally saved our business!