Why HitChecker

HitChecker has two missions - (1) provide the easiest to use website visitor analysis to support your online sales and marketing and (2) protect the revenue your website generates

What HitChecker Does

HitChecker watches every move your website visitors make and tells you Who they are, Where they came from and What they are doing in a simple format that you can quickly understand, and watches the vital revenue generating links for malicious activity so they can stay operational 24x7

How HitChecker Works

HitChecker is a cloud-based service that's powered by Artificial Intelligence to work 24x7 watching your website visitor activity and suspicious behavior so you can focus on your business


  • "I own a media company and without HitChecker I would be guessing. HitChecker has given us the advantage. Our clients benefit from the crucial real-time analytics and data that gives us a snap shot of what's going on with online web traffic and SEO. What a great analytical product. Every business needs HitChecker. Without it we're all guessing. Thanks so much."

    hitchecker client testomonial - Chart Group - Johns Island
    Robert Smith
  • "An online presence is almost a necessity today, and HitChecker is an invaluable resource to measure the effectiveness of your website investment. If you just want a quick view of how many people are visiting your site or prefer an in-depth analysis, HitChecker allows you to see your data in an easy to read format. The "How" tool shows the exact search terms people are using to arrive at your site. You can then update your website based on the types of merchandise people are searching for or what questions people are asking that your website could answer. HitChecker also offers value in knowing geographically where to target advertising, social media marketing or mailers. Additionally, HitChecker offers outstanding customer service when you have a question; we would highly recommend HitChecker!"

    hitchecker client testomonial - Pollys Jewelry - Charleston and Mt. Pleasant
    Cheri Broad
  • I believe HitChecker is a must-have tool for marketing your online business. We use HitChecker to manage the online (and offline) marketing of our website to see which keyword phrases visitors are using to find our business; how well our coupons and daily deals are actually working; and to see what pages people are most interested in so we will know what part of our tours people are planning to book a reservation for.

    hitchecker client testomonial - Pollys Jewelry - Charleston Marina
    Captain Brian Collins

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