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In 1-click, you'll see how effective your Website, Social Media, & Online Marketing are really working.

#1 web analytics tool for Websites, Social Media, Online Advertising accountability built for android, iphone, ipad, tablets, and websites

  Easy to get instant feedback

See if your online marketing is effective (or broken)
See which web pages yield the highest results
See which visitors return most often (in real-time)
See which online ad generated the most revenue
See hacker attacks in real-time and stop them quickly
Monitor your reputation defense and brand recognition
Access on any desktop or mobile device
Never wait for IT to generate outdated reports
Your website's 1-time setup takes < 5 minutes

Simple and Easy Web Analytics

website marketing analytics overview

  See your online Activity as it Unfolds

Find out Who your visitors are in an easy to use web analytics dashboard
Find out Where they are coming to your website from
Find out When the peak times of day are that your site is active
Find out How your visitors discovered your website
promote your business

  Promote Your Business

Identify customers most likely to do business with you
Identify top prospects at the point of contact
sales channel web analytics explanation

  Learn which Sales Channel is Most effective

See instantly which sales channel is leading more visitors to your site
Are pay-per-click ads more effective than Facebook or LinkedIn ads
Are your email marketing links getting clicked
Did the Daily-Deal site send you real visitors, or just spam
Which pages convert and which pages fail
shopping cart web analytics example tools

  Improve your online eCommerce sales

Identify your best selling products and most valuable promotions
See the path visitors are taking for each purchase
Discover the most effective sales campaign (PPC, SEO, Email, Social Media)
Watch where shoppers are dropping off in the Check-Out process
chart of seo web analytics vendors and solutions

  Search Engine Optimization

Never guess which SEO keywords to use again
Uncover keywords that are driving traffic that Google will never tell you about
Make organic SEO and pay-per-click ads easier to develop
See exactly where each page ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
people who need easy to use web analytics dashboard

  Hold your Advertising accountable

Prove whether your advertising dollars are really working
See the real demographics behind every online ad
See every detail of who clicked each Google pay-per-click ad
See which coupon/daily-deal/offer is working (and which ones aren't)
protect your business and your customers

  Protect Your Business (and your Customers)

Follow each visitor's click-path in real-time to spot suspicious behavior
Use IP Monitoring to eliminate fraud and avoid criminal activity

HitChecker iPhone App

Easy Web Analytics iPhone App - HitChecker

iPhone users can download the HitChecker iPhone app.
You get the same real-time results through an intuitive dashboard to monitor your Web, Social, & Online Marketing.

download the HitChecker app from the Apple App Store

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