Easy-to-use Website Analytics

See real-time results of your online marketing and advertising

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Empower Your Marketing and Advertising

website marketing analytics overview

See your online Activity as it Unfolds

Find out WHO your visitors are
Find out WHERE they are coming from
Find out WHEN they are most active
Find out HOW your visitors found you

promote your business

Promote Your Business

Identify customers most likely to do business with you
Identify top prospects at the point of contact
See where your top prospects are coming from
Know which keyword-phrases are really working

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Learn where Sales are coming from

See instantly which sales channel is leading more visitors to your site
Are pay-per-click ads more effective than Facebook or LinkedIn ads
Are your email marketing links getting clicked
Did the Daily-Deal site send you real visitors, or just spam

website marketing analytics overview

Improve your online eCommerce sales

Identify your best selling products and most valuable promotions
See the path visitors are taking for each purchase
Discover what's most effective (PPC, SEO, Email, Social Media)
Watch where shoppers are dropping off in the Check-Out process

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Search Engine Optimization

Never guess which SEO keywords to use again
Uncover top keyword phrases that are driving traffic
Make organic SEO and pay-per-click ads easier to develop
See exactly where each page ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing

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Hold your Advertising accountable

Prove whether your advertising dollars are really working
See the real demographics behind every online ad
See every detail of who clicked each Google pay-per-click ad
See which coupon/daily-deal/offer is working (and which ones aren't)

Website Visitors Tell Their Own Story

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  • "I own a media company and without HitChecker I would be guessing. HitChecker has given us the advantage. Our clients benefit from the crucial real-time analytics and data that gives us a snap shot of what's going on with online web traffic and SEO. What a great analytical product. Every business needs HitChecker. Without it we're all guessing. Thanks so much."

    hitchecker client testomonial - Chart Group - Johns Island
    Robert Smith
  • "An online presence is almost a necessity today, and HitChecker is an invaluable resource to measure the effectiveness of your website investment. If you just want a quick view of how many people are visiting your site or prefer an in-depth analysis, HitChecker allows you to see your data in an easy to read format. The "How" tool shows the exact search terms people are using to arrive at your site. You can then update your website based on the types of merchandise people are searching for or what questions people are asking that your website could answer. HitChecker also offers value in knowing geographically where to target advertising, social media marketing or mailers. Additionally, HitChecker offers outstanding customer service when you have a question; we would highly recommend HitChecker!"

    hitchecker client testomonial - Pollys Jewelry - Charleston and Mt. Pleasant
    Cheri Broad
  • I believe HitChecker is a must-have tool for marketing your online business. We use HitChecker to manage the online (and offline) marketing of our website sandlappertours.com to see which keyword phrases visitors are using to find our business; how well our coupons and daily deals are actually working; and to see what pages people are most interested in so we will know what part of our tours people are planning to book a reservation for.

    hitchecker client testomonial - Pollys Jewelry - Charleston Marina
    Captain Brian Collins

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